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Helicopter Water Tank
Helicopter Water Tank
Helicopter Water Tank
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Helicopter Water Tank
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Helicopter Water Tank

This is a bladder tank for transporting water or fire suppressing solution by helicopter.

Per request, we shall manufacture such tanks of any size!

Helicopter Water Tank (RDV-1000 V)

The helicopter water tank is ideal for transportation of liquids by helicopter.

This flexible and compact helicopter water tank is made of PVC-based Vyniplan and may be used for water transportation to poorly accessible and remote areas to fight wildfire. Such tanks are widely used by forest management entities, emergency teams and many other services.

Technical features:

 Tank capacity 
 1,000 l    
 Material    Vinyplan       
 Empty weight
 15 kg    
 Operation and storage conditions      from -35°С to +50°С   
 Base diameter   1,800 mm   
 Filling port  diameter  570 mm
 Filling port length  350 mm
 Full tank height    900 mm


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