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Fermer truck for forest fire patrols
Fermer truck for forest fire patrols
Fermer truck for forest fire patrols
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Fermer truck for forest fire patrols
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Fermer truck for forest fire patrols

The light fire engine based on the UAZ-390945/Fermer truck for forest fire patrols (LFE) is to be used to patrol forests and transport people and firefighting equipment to wildfire sites as well as for fire prevention and preparedness operations. In addition, the equipped vehicle may be used to contain and extinguish fires in local communities lacking firefighting equipment and to fight fires in national economy sites. It can operate in all trafficable forest vegetation areas in the Russian Federation.

The carrier vehicle is the UAZ-390945/Fermer truck which is the most suitable base for such fire engines because it has a number of unarguable competitive advantages:

  • large-scale manufacture – these trucks are always available;

  • low price;

  • high all-terrain capability;

  • twin-compartment cabin (to accommodate a fire crew consisting of 5 persons);

  • vehicle of category B (i.e. no additional driving license is required);

  • sparing total weight of the vehicle (it belongs to vehicles inflicting the least possible damage on the soil and road pavement;

  • easy maintenance and reparability;

  • availability of spare parts in all Russian regions.

The LFE has a broad range of fire management tools and equipment on board to make it possible to ensure preparedness to any fire emergency event regardless of its complexity and hazard.

The light fire engine is indispensable for fighting landscape fires, it helps to promptly suppress minor fire outbreaks or contain fires prior to arrival of main firefighting resources, and in this way, it can help to prevent and exclude serious consequences of fire outbreaks.

The UAZ-390945/Fermer truck-based light fire engine can operate in all Russian regions with roads of any quality. It is noteworthy that the light fire engine based on the UAZ-390945/Fermer truck has a number of advantages:

  • Reasonable price;

  • Prompt delivery;

  • Firefighting equipment of the highest quality;

  • Positive experience of its use in all Russian regions and countries which are former USSR republics (over 1,000 units were supplied to the forest sectors, protected areas and civil defence and emergency management units of Russian regions and other countries).

The cabin of the forest patrol UAZ truck has five seats, and its load box has enough room to hold all needed tools and equipment. Its metal platform has a canvas cover attached to a removable frame. The lateral and rear walls of the cover can be easily dumped to give free access for personnel to the equipment placed inside the body of the truck and to start using it for firefighting.

During patrolling for a long time, passengers of the truck feel comfortable in the cabin as it has    padded upholstery, adjustable chairs, and heating of the cabin.
It is possible to repair the engine of the truck without leaving the cabin, in any weather conditions because the power pack is located inside the cabin.

Component items:

 1.1. UAZ-390945/Fermer truck as the base vehicle
 2.1. Hand winch
 3.1. UR-1/45 frame reinforcement kit 
 1 kit     
                                   Firefighting equipment 
 2. 1. Tank for water
 2.2. Sprut-5 power-driven high-pressure self-priming pump 
 2.3. Mixing tube
 2.4. Solid wetting agent  (cartridge)
 2.5. AЗ-4 fire gun
 2.6. Ermak high-pressure firefighting installation  
 2.7. Chainsaw
 2.8.  RP-18 Ermak backpack forest fire extinguisher 
 2.9. Angara backpack forest firefighting unit  
 2.10. Universal-size fire escape smoke hood 
 2.11. Medical aid kit
 2.12. Spade
 2.12. Pulaski
 2.13. Partitioned boxes
 1 set (2 pieces)
 2.14. Sitex polyvinylchloride cover with double-sided coating   

Technical features:

                                                     Housing and chassis 
 Curb weight
 1,995 kg     
 Gross vehicle weight
 3,070 kg    
 Seats in the cabin 
 Drive type
 Cargo bed
 located under the cabin and meant to place equipment there
 Vehicle dimensions
 4,847х1,974х2,355 mm
 Front/rear track
 1,465/1,465 mm
 2,550 mm
 Ground clearance
 205 mm
 Wading depth 
 0.7 m
 Gradeability at gross vehicle weight
 from 30°
                                           Maximum speed with full load 
 105 km/hour
 Dry earth road
 60 km/hour 
 Full-tank range on highways
 400 km
 Wall-to-wall least turning radius 
 7.5 m
 Wading depth 
 0.7 m
 Load capacity of the cargo bed 
 1,075 kg
 Engine type
 4-stroke spark-ignition engine with the Euro-4 filter
 Maximum horsepower
 82,5 (112,2); kW (hp)
                                                        Cooling installation 
 Liquid coolant closed system with forced circulation 
 Single dry plate
 Manual gearbox (manufactured by the  ADS JSC)
 Transfer case
 Front axle automatically locked
 Service brakes
 Front wheel disc brakes and rear wheel drum brakes 
                                                 Front and rear suspension 
 Suspension types
 Hanging on longitudinal semi-elliptical springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers
 Cabin heater
 Radiator with one fan 
                            Utilization of hot fluid from the engine cooling system 
 Steering Power-assisted steering
 Steering gear Ball and nut steering gear
 Line voltage  12 volts
 Battery   60 А
 Headlights(dim-dip lighting) Two
 Turn indicators
 Backlights Two
 Tires  225 (R16)


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