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md Dzerzhinets, 1
ООО "Лесхозснаб"
Мы разрабатываем, изготавливаем и реализуем оборудование для лесного хозяйства, в частности, технику для предотвращения и тушения лесных пожаров, оборудование для лесных питомников, для агротехнического ухода, а также для лесной промышленности.
Moscow region
md Dzerzhinets, 1
+7 (495) 532-46-56 , +7 (496) 532-95-82
+7 (49653) 2-55-25

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About us

Established in 2000, the Leskhozsnab Company designs, manufactures and supplies equipment and machinery for the forest sector. In particular, our products include equipment and tools for forest fire prevention and fighting, forest nurseries, silvicultural and other forest management operations and for timber industries.

The company has been successfully supplying its products to different countries across the globe: it has clients in the CIS, European Union, South America, Asia and Africa.

The company won many awards at international exhibitions for its forestry equipment.

Every year, its engineers create new products with their emergence being conductive to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of various forest operations.

The company develops new and upgrades existing technology and machines, manufactures them and launches their mass production.

It undertakes to review and generalize lessons learnt from operation of its equipment in a systematic manner. It also keeps abreast of ongoing R&D outputs in this area, and continuously improves its equipment to make it more reliable and user-friendly.

Many of our solutions are officially registered inventions protected with patents and respective certificates.

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